Hot Tub and Sauna

The Lakeside Hot Tub

The Lakeside Hot Tub is a magnificent wood fired hot tub that allows you to enjoy a filtered spring water hot tub right on the edge of a magnificent lake with breathtaking views. You will choose a 4 hr slot on arrival, heating the tub is made simple with our Eco-log packs and a stir after 1 hr of heating, after 2 hrs your hot tub is ready for at least an hour of soaking in the tub! (You will be filling the tub to ensure its nice and fresh:10-15 mins) The cost is £10 for 2 people.


The Woodland Sauna

This is another new addition and offers guests the chance to relax, regenerate and revitalise in the most beautiful setting. The Woodland Sauna compromises of a physiotherm infra red sauna which has greater health benefits than a regular sauna and is more comfortable to use as it heats your body and not the air temperature. Whilst using the sauna you will be gazing straight into the unspoilt woodland and listening to music.

After a sauna session you can use our Outdoor Shower which can be hot or cold and is big enough for two! You also have a changing space, toilet and our filtered spring drinking water.

We have created a perfect habitat for bird watching with nesting boxes and feeders, see what you can spot whist your in the sauna!

To Book The Sauna you will need to go to the building located on the right hand side of the track past The Shepherds Hut Retreat towards the Yurt Retreat. There is a board outside the Sauna with instructions, you can choose an hour slot for 2 adults, write your name down and pay £10 into the honesty box. Then you just need to return at your allocated time with towels.