Hello and welcome to the Shepherds Hut Retreat, we hope your journey was smooth and now that you have arrived it’s time for some serious rest and relaxation! To help you settle in here are some useful bits of information:

WIFI network – “owner” password – “barney11″

Site Map


  • Private hot tubs 

Fill the tub to approximately 2 inches above the top hole inside the tub
(use the cover to weight secure the hose).Take 3 firelogs (wrapped in paper) from the cupboard by the tub, then place 3 heat logs (holes through middle) on top and light the paper ends. After approximately 1 hour put another 2 of each logs (total 4) in the burner and stir the water with the paddle (replace lid to retain heat).Wait for another 1-2 hours (approx 3 hours after the fire was lit). Remove cover and put somewhere away from the burner.Make sure you have showered then carefully enter the tub.Do not spend too long in the water if it is very hot, please note the top hole in the tub gets very hot. Add cold water to reduce temperature .Once you have finished your session, replace the lid, clip it down and drain the water using the red tap on the outside ONLY EMPTY THE TUB WHEN THE FIRE HAS GONE OUT.Once the burner has cooled empty the ash into the ash bin and wipe any residue in the tub. THE WATER LEVEL MUST BE ABOVE TOP HOLE INSIDE TUB WHEN BURNER IS HOT IF YOU ARE NOT SURE PLEASE SEND A TEXT TO 0781 3393164

  • The Woodland sauna (all guests)

Please choose a 1 hr daily session and write your name in the chosen slot outside the sauna area (located the other side of the hedge in car park by the recycling area). At your chosen time walk through the bathroom/changing area and out to the sauna which is a small cabin on your left, instruction on how to use the sauna can be found mounted on the side. There is a wonderful hotted cold outdoor shower to enjoy as well.

  • Pizza Ovens (Hut 1898, S.Zen and S.Parlour)

The pizza oven instructions can be found either in the shed or next to the pizza oven, the fuel is in the black tub under the oven, a youtube video tutorial can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMexJZg1CbA PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE FOOD BURNT ON THE PIZZA OVENS AND CLEAN AFTER USE

  • Firewood and BBQs

In the main car park area you will see a black timber building behind the trough planter which is the Shepherds shop and has kindling, logs, firelighters and bbq for sale. To make a fire first make a tripod of kindling and place 2 firelighters inside then light. Once this is established lean logs in a tripod shape around the kindling. Please put ash in the ash dustbins provided.

  • Rubbish and Recycling

Please place all general rubbish in the large black wheelie bin in the car park and separate glass, cardboard, tins, plastic (bottles only) and paper all have separate marked bins. Thank you.


 In the main car park in front of Shepherds Zen you will find the Shepherds Shop, one side has bbqs, logs
kindling and firelighters and the other side is a small shop selling sweet and savoury snacks and other treats for your stay, either pay
in cash to the honesty box or email/text us with what you had and we will send a payment link (£5 minimum to pay this way).


You can walk the footpaths to either the market town of Crewkerne or the village of Hinton st George (both 45 mins) please follow the red or purple lines on the map, when you reach the road turn right to Hinton st George. DO NOT walk on the A30 to Crewkerne, it is very dangerous!


  • Gin bars (Hut 1898, S.Zen and S.Parlour)

In the hut you will find a small Gin bar on the wall and two tonics in the fridge, please help yourself to a drink or two from the bar, we ask for a donation for large consumption.

  • Hot water

There is a sufficient hot water for most of your requirements however if the hot water runs out please allow approximately 1Hr for it to reheat.

  • TV/DVDs

There is freeview television in all huts but no Smart tv such as netflix, dvd players are located to the side of the televisions. Please replace dvd in the relevant boxes.

  • Fuse board

If you have a fuse trip from a light bulb or similar please look in the cupboard next to the sink in case a fuse has tripod, it should just need switching back to the up position.

  • Washing up

Please wash up any items that you use and leave the hut in a tidy fashion, some guests are wonderful and we thank them for it!


  • In Case of fire, there is a fire blanket and fire extinguisher in the hut, if the fire is serious please exit the hut and assemble in the CAR PARK AREA and call 999 and also notify the owner on 07813393164

  • No Smoking onsite please

  • If you need medical assistance there please call 111 or in an emergency 999, there is a medical centre in Crewkerne and an accident and emergency in Chard.